Discover the Decorative Possibilities of Annie Sloan Paint

At In the House & Through the Garden we are proud to be an independent Stockist of Annie Sloan paint. We believe that Annie Sloan paint is the best decorative paint on the market. Annie transformed the world of furniture with the creation of Chalk Paint® in 1990. Annie used her fine art background to create Annie Sloan paint. It has motivated home painters and experienced professionals creating countless possibilities over the last 26 years.

Annie Sloan paints are fun and easy to use. Chalk Paint® is Annie’s decorative line of paint and it offers flexibility in letting colors be mixed together, lightened or darkened. You can thicken or thin it. You can use Annie Sloan paint as a wash, or even a dye.

Annie Sloan paint was developed in 1990. She felt it answered the need she had for versatile paint that works beautifully on furniture without the need for priming or sanding it. Annie Sloan paint can also be used for a number of different paint techniques. The Annie Sloan paint is called Chalk Paint® because it has a velvety, matte finish.

There are more than 33 colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® including:

• Antibes Green

• Aubusson Blue

• Barcelona Orange

• Chateau Gray

• Duck Egg Blue

• English Yellow

• Napoleonic Blue

• Scandinavian Pink

• And many more

You can purchase Annie Sloan paint through In the House & Through the Garden. Annie Sloan paints are available for $11.95 for a 4 ounce pot or $34.95 for a quart.

Annie Sloan paint is often referred to as a ‘no prep’ paint. However, it must be noted that if the piece you are working on has a lot of dings and scratches, they will still show up after painting.  The little bit of effort to fill in scratches and dings ahead of time will have a large impact on the finished product depending out what type of look you are trying to achieve. A piece of furniture that is dirty, dusty, or greasy should be thoroughly cleaned ahead of time to make sure you get the maximum benefit of the Annie Sloan paint.

Annie Sloan paint is thicker than most other paints. It shows the brush strokes.  You can thin it out with water to lessen this effect. Annie Sloan paint can also be used on fabric and has a feel similar to soft leather when finished.

For more information on our Annie Sloan paint, visit this web page.


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