Finding Inspiration

Like so many of you, I am inspired by my home and by the beautiful antiques and home decor I discover as I travel. My coffee table is piled high with decorating magazines (and I just cannot bare to throw them away) with corners turned down and Post-it notes protruding out in every direction. Each morning I save, pin, post and comment on inspiring ideas I see on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Houzz. My photo library is filled with a dizzying array of beautiful images, rooms, ideas and artwork that I am drawn to.

My decorating dreams became a reality when I bought my home in Connecticut five years ago. I immediately set out to restore, refurbish and create a home that is uniquely mine. I spent the first four years under construction tearing down walls, restoring fireplaces and even building a library. Every day I would scour through dozens of historic wallpaper books, fabric swatches and paint chips until I found just the perfect combination for each room. My style is what I call “New England formal” and I love to mix colors, patterns, and 18th, 19th and 20th century furniture together. Each room has a personality all its own.

My love for antiques and decorating has been a lifelong passion and now, having my own antique and home decor shop, I am surrounded every day by beautiful remnants of the past that inspire me to continue experimenting with decorating and painting. My favorite question to ask customers as they are shopping is, “What is your style of decorating?” The responses I get from customers is as varied as the decorating pictures available on social media.

Inspiration for decorating is all around us…every day! I encourage you to take pictures, collect images, cut out photos and articles that excite you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors and styles…you may just surprise yourself with a new look. You, too, can have a home that inspires you and energizes you every day.

Finding Inspiration


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