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Pointe Silk is a muted, calming, warm-neutral pink that will delicately enhance your walls. A restful and easy-going shade you’ll recognize from countless artworks, and of course as the slightly flushed flesh shade of ballet slippers. Reference the quality of fine silk with this pigment-packed taupe pink, and harness the flattering glow it will bring to a room and to inhabitants (especially effective in natural or candlelight). This shade has been developed to match a color mix of Chalk Paint® in Primer Red and Old White.

Annie Sloan Satin Paint has been designed for use indoors. Annie Sloan Satin Paint will give a robust yet beautiful soft-sheen finish on any internal wooden or metallic surface. It has been specially formulated to be easy to apply and contains self-levelling properties to give a modern look. Annie Sloan Satin Paint is child friendly, low VOC, and easy to clean. All 14 colours are matched to the Annie Sloan Wall Paint range.

 COVERAGE: 750ml is enough to cover approximately 118.4 sq. feet.
• Actual coverage is dependent on surface porosity and application.
PREPARATION:  All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from any dust, debris or oil based contaminants. We advise using a gentle water-based detergent to thoroughly clean.
METAL PREPARATION: Thoroughly sand the surface, clean, and degrease any unpainted metal surfaces. Previously painted metal surfaces should be sanded back to ensure the removal of any loose or flaking paint. Specialist primers should be used to ensure longevity of Annie Sloan Satin Paint and to protect the metal underneath.
RECOMMENDED APPLICATION BY BRUSH:  Apply a reasonably thick coat of Annie Sloan Satin Paint using a high quality fine tipped synthetic bristled brush (eg Annie Sloan Flat Brushes). Apply the paint in one direction (i.e vertically) and then the other (i.e horizontally) using a cross-hatch technique to achieve the desired coverage. Avoid overworking the paint, as this will cause the paint to degrade. Full coverage should be achieved after 2 coats, although a third may be necessary if making a dramatic colour change.
CLEAN UP:  For best results, clean brushes or rollers by removing as much paint as possible before ending use. Then clean thoroughly with warm soapy water and pat dry using a microfiber cloth.
STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures both low and high and avoid freezing and exposure to frost. To maximize shelf life decant used tins that are less than half full into smaller, tightly sealed containers. For best results use within 6 months of purchase.


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